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From: Jeff Dedrick

Dear Friend,

     If you have ANY interest in creating an income for yourself online, then you’ve probably bought, tried, read, heard, and attempted every marketing “next big thing” under the Sun.

     Well, let’s get something right out up front, because this is crucial, and because I’m a very straightforward kinda guy…

     I want you to have access to my secret system for generating an unstoppable stream of laser targeted traffic and sales -- all with the simple click of a button.

     This is the exact same system that allowed me to walk away from a $2 million dollar a year offline business without even batting an eye.

     Yes, I was already living a very comfortable life before I stumbled upon what I’m about to share with you. 

     The key point here is not to brag about anything… not at all… rather I just want to let you know that I walked away from $2 million a year without hesitation because this is SO much more lucrative and ENJOYABLE.

     More on this in a second

     I have this theory – granted I’m no Nobel Prize winner or anything – but I have this theory about marketing and people which I like to think I have figured out pretty well after 20 years of running my own successful businesses.

     20 years… wow… just thinking about that reminds me that I’m getting old! :)

     Anyway, this theory is that most Internet marketing courses are designed for you to fail right from the get go, and they’re usually only engineered to do one thing:

     You see… often times the BEST part of them is the sales pitch that gets you all excited and feeling like you’re taking a step to better your life.

     Finally… you’re going to get ahead and achieve your dreams!

     That’s right… the most important part of these programs is getting you sold.

     And then once you buy and get behind their glossy cover, there is simply not enough REAL step by step help to get you making ANY money, much less achieving your dreams.

     And then what happens?... you maybe try it out for a while, only to confirm it won’t work and then you hide it away on some remote folder on your hard drive to collect digital dust.

     Meanwhile you get an email on the next “big thing” course, get excited once more, feeling again like this one is now the step up to a better life for you…

     And the cycle continues…

     Between you and me… there’s this song that I like and I’m worried that if this gets around I’m probably gonna get ridiculed and ripped on by a LOT of my buddies...

     Oh well… let’s forget them… I’ll tell you anyway…

     This song is “Busy Man” by Billy Ray Cyrus. 

     Yes, this is the very same mullet haired Billy Ray Cyrus that exploded into this world with Achy Breaky Heart and that fathered Miley Cyrus.

     But… let me explain before you start laughing too hard at me and my musical tastes. :)

     I’m a dad.

     I have 2 daughters who mean more to me than anything else in this world.  And this particular song is from the perspective of an older father looking back with regret on missing much of his kids’ growing up.

     In fact, there is one section of the song in particular that sums it all up VERY nicely…

“Have you ever seen a headstone with these words… If only I had spent more time at work"

     So true… who REALLY closes their life wishing they had worked more… wishing they had missed crucial moments in their family’s lives because they were working???

     I don’t know that Billy Ray was the one who facilitated this mental shift for me… but I decided 2 years ago to get back my time, spend REAL time with my kids, and make more money than ever before.

     And now YOU can do this too… you can get MORE time for you, your friends, and your family -- ALL while making MORE money (a lot more)!

     As you can see from the screen shot below, my Top Secret automated system generates a LOT of cash quickly…

     And here’s more where that came from…

     Yep… money is coming in non-stop… AND because of that I have all the time in the world to be with my daughters.

     The reason for this is because I’ve developed a true system for automated profits… A system that allows me to point, click, and cash in, any time I choose.

     A system that could make profiting as simple as pushing a few buttons for you starting today.

     You may be wondering about my secret formula for success right now, thinking that it’s just “too good to be true” to click a button and make cash.

     Well, it’s not too good to be true… it’s just plain GOOD… once you have your own list.

     Perhaps you’re saying, “But Jeff… the gurus, the quasi gurus, the anti-gurus, the ungurus, and everyone else in the biz have been preaching ‘The Money Is In The List’ all along”?

     Sure… I’ll give you that.  They have been PREACHING.


     Has anyone ever really shown you how to build a huge hyper-responsive list of your own -- FAST?

     Has anyone ever given you real step by step instruction and automated systems to help you build and profit from your own list at breakneck speed?

     Has anyone else made it so simple that you could begin building your own profitable list immediately, even if you have never had any success online previously?

     I figured out how to do this 2 years ago and it gave me the opportunity to walk away from a $2 million dollar a year business, that while extremely profitable, was also a total time suck...

     Forcing me to put in 18 hours a day, often 6 or 7 days a week!
     Listen, I’ve been helping marketers replicate this for themselves for the past year with great success…

     In fact… many marketers have been happy to pay me $2000 for my system, because it is groundbreaking, life changing stuff for anyone who uses it.

     I woke up one night and realized that the more I have helped people in this business, the more I have received back… call it ‘The Law of Attraction’, call it ‘Karma’, or call it whatever…

     And it occurred to me that night that I had an OBLIGATION to share it with anyone and everyone who wanted to make more money and better their lives... which is why I'm doing just that for you today...

     I know first-hand how this program could change your business and transform your life for good...

        Send Button Profits IS step by step, A-Z, and includes all the information and the automated systems you need to replicate my success building and profiting with lists – FAST.

     Here's a glimpse into what you’ll receive when you secure instant access to Send Button Profits today:

You'd think I'd have stopped already, because you're already getting a steal with everything included.

BUT -- I am 100% dedicated to helping you make money online -- to TRULY achieve the success you deserve.

That's why I'm also including these tools to help you achieve the fastest online success possible...

     It’s been proven time and time again that people are visual...

     Sure they like to learn new things and they can do that by reading… but because they are visual, look and feel have enormous impact on what they retain.

     When you secure your membership in Send Button Profits, we’re even going to help you explode your customer satisfaction with these 10 amazing ebook graphical templates!

     Use PLR products or your own reports and plug them into these designs for sharp looking reports or ebooks that have your customers raving!

     Plus, with the Send Button profits system, you can plug these reports or ebooks into your opt-in pages with the click of a button!

     Twitter is on fire…

     Everyone is talking about it and EVERYONE is signing up to this hot new Web 2.0 micro blogging phenomenon...

     And now you can monetize this flash-flood of millions of users with these professionally created Twitter backgrounds and 50 niche tweets!

     When you act today, you’ll get FIVE niche backgrounds for Twitter for five of the most popular niches on ClickBank, so you can begin profiting right away and take advantage of...

     This bonus includes 50 Niche Tweets with (PLR rights) including:

#1 10 Energy-related Tweets
#2 10 Relationships-related Tweets
#3 10 Pets-related Tweets
#4 10 Fat loss-related Tweets
#5 10 Forex-related Tweets

     These tweets were written by a high priced copywriter and they are designed to pull people in and get them to act!

     And of course… each Tweet is less than 140 characters long to allow ample space for you to add your affiliate links or links to your own website.

     Haven’t started making money with Twitter yet because you didn’t have the time?  Now you can because nearly everything is being handed to you.

     Set up your Twitter accounts today and go make money!

     Often times we only think about the front end…

     We focus on product creation or driving traffic or PPC or SEO or whatever… but we don’t pay attention to the back end enough to power up our profits.

     Well, for you, that won’t ever be a problem again.  I’m making OTO’s EASY for you with this mind blowing package of OTO’s (complete with products) and OTO graphics templates!

     When you secure your membership to Send Button Profits today, you’ll receive 5 OTO pages with 25 to 50 products on each and every one.

     You’ll be able to set these up yourself or let the Send Button Profits system automatically add them to your opt-in pages. 

     And, in case you need extra graphics templates to try out new looks or for other projects, you’ll also get my OTO graphics template kit worth $197!

     Now… the Send Button Profits multimedia training course is designed from the ground up to quickly transform you into a listbuilding MACHINE.

     The course is SO powerful that people across the globe have paid me $2000 for the information inside.

     But… I’m not stopping there.  I’m also bringing you up front and personal access to the top listbuilders in the world so they can reveal their own special techniques for you too.

     In this bonus listbuilding report bundle, with reports from elite listbuilders like Willie Crawford, Ron Douglas, Ewen Chia, Gary Ambrose, Russell Brunson (and more)…

     You’ll receive their personal step by step guides on crucial list building topics such as:

How to write emails that get opened and get clicks for quick cash sales!
Why psychological triggers can change your business almost overnight...
Step by step action plans to begin building your lists TODAY
And much more!

     What’s the biggest hurdle for 90% of marketers online?

     It’s traffic!

     Most people just don’t know how to get traffic to their sites, to get sales OR subscribers.  But I won’t let this happen to you...

     I’m including 50 potent traffic techniques  in video format so that you can begin sending wave after wave of targeted traffic to your opt-in pages and start building enormous lists immediately!

     This training alone is worth hundreds of dollars and again, it’s yours today for grabbing the Send Button Profits program!

     Once you start building your list, you’ll need to be sending them emails to promote products and generate cash…

     That’s why I’m also including a whopping 150 ClickBank autoresponders for 50 top selling ClickBank products for you today too!

     You’ll never run out of things to write… you can use these to swipe from or use them as is (you have complete PLR to them) to quickly and easily create cash out of thin air.

     As if everything else wasn’t enough, you’re also getting this enormous, professionally created graphics template set… with squeeze page templates, video squeezes, and more! 

     This is worth $297 by itself and you’re getting the whole set included with your Send Button Profits membership!

     Want to leverage some of the best selling ClickBank products to help build your lists fast and create massive affiliate commissions for yourself?

     Now, it’s easy with Send Button Profits. 

     Once you secure your membership in SBP, we’re gonna hand you beautiful and proven video opt-in pages with videos for 10 of the top selling ClickBank products.

     Our hired gun copywriter who works for some of the Internet marketing elite is going to help you close these sales with 7 psychologically charged follow up autoresponders for every product too!

Like I had mentioned above, you’re getting the very same information in Send Button Profits that people all over the world have gladly paid me $2000 for. 

In fact, with the complete automated system and copy and paste templates, you’re getting MORE than they did.

    So, I’m sure you can imagine how fast this is going to fly off the shelves now that I am giving this all away for a steal…

... a mere $67 today (That's It...No Other Costs!)

    There is no false urgency or scarcity here, but I will be changing the price of Send Button Profits to $197 VERY soon.

     Frankly, this complete training course and automated system is a gift at this price.

    What this means is that if you are FINALLY ready to make a change in your life, reclaim your time, and make more money than ever before, then the time for you to act is NOW.

    The small investment of just $67 today gets you THOUSANDS of dollars in tools and training to help you achieve incredible listbuilding success.

Click Here to Get Instant Access To Send Button Profits NOW!!!   

     Why did Ford go from laughable “commoner car” to the largest selling vehicle known to man for decades?


     Henry Ford was a master of automation.

     And he’s not the only one… assembly lines all over the world have taken over many of the jobs that people used to do because they do it better…


     With your membership to Send Button Profits, you’ll automate your list building and start building your lists FASTER.

     With a few quick clicks and our step by step wizard, you’ll create subscriber sucking opt-in pages, drive visitors to cash cranking thank you pages, and generate a SURGE of cash with high conversion OTO pages.

     Yes… all with a FEW quick clicks… in fact, this is SO easy and automated, this can be done in 3 simple steps!

     It’s THAT easy with Send Button Profits automation!!!

     Imagine a list of this size working for you every month:

     And imagine a list like this working for you each month too…

     The industry rule of thumb is $1 per subscriber per month.  Could an extra $128,797 per month change your life?

     Because based on that rule of thumb, that’s what these lists would bring in for you month after month after month.

     And you’re NOT limited to that either… with the Send Button Profits system in your hands, you could build as many of these lists as you want – FAST!

There is no false urgency or scarcity here.  The price WILL go up soon.

     Frankly, this is a no-brainer...

     But there truly is no time to waste…

     Click here to secure your membership to Send Button Profits now.

All my best,

P.S. -  This is important: This is the very same information and systems I used to allow me to walk away from a $2 million dollar a year business without ever looking back.  If you want more money AND more time to do the things you enjoy in life, then you owe it to yourself to grab Send Button Profits at this low price while you still can.   

Click here to secure your membership to Send Button Profits now!

P.P.S. -  One last thing: In case you’re still not totally convinced, I want to let you know that there is no risk on your part at all!

In fact… the risk here is all mine:

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